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Ask me anything   Submit quote   "I didn't want to be a writer, but I became one. And now I have many readers, in many countries. I think that's a miracle. So I think I have to be humble regarding this ability. I'm proud of it and I enjoy it, and it is strange to say it this way, but I respect it."

- Haruki Murakami

"And every profession, no matter high or low, deserves respect."
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"There are a lot more people who do bad things than do good."
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"I never received a formal education. I just learned whatever looked useful, as I experienced it."
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shinysweet asked: ahhh thank you so much for this blog *o* i have a question: if you had to choose a quote(s) from murakami to use as your high school senior quote, what would you choose?


Sorry for a late answer. Well it would be:

"It’s a tough world". -1Q84


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"I began to draw an invisible boundary between myself and other people. No matter who I was dealing with. I maintained a set distance, carefully monitoring the person’s attitude so that they wouldn’t get any closer. I didn’t easily swallow what other people told me. My only passions were books and music."
Sputnik Sweetheart
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"Spend your money on the things money can buy. Spend your time on the things money can’t buy."
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
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"The kind of feeling when everything you’re used to has been ripped away. Like there’s no more gravity, and I’m left to drift in outer space with no idea where I’m going."
Sputnik Sweetheart
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conssss asked: Thank you. I love his books. keep posting. :)


I will, definitely!

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cryingsexlol asked: Hi, I am in desperate need of Haruki Murakami fans, all I want is at least one person to discuss his brilliance with. I've read mmost of his stuff, currently reading The Elephant Vanishes and finished Dance Dance Dance last week. Loved it!


Well, you found another fan right here!!! Murakami is so so so brilliant. Most of the time I feel as if he writes down everything I want to say but can’t express. And once I read it, it’s - oh, moment! I am personally still under the spell of 1Q84. It is like the 21st century Orwell but better. :)

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sarahoyeah asked: Love your blog. It's nice to find a place where they're all gathered ^_^


Thanks! I can so relate to your comment about the place where they’re all gathered. That is exactly why this blog exists! :)

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say0chan asked: Thank you for being here. <3


Thank you for stopping by! :)

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"In dreams you don’t need to make any distinctions between things. Not at all. Boundaries don’t exist. So in dreams there are hardly ever collisions. Even if there are, they don’t hurt. Reality is different. Reality bites."
Sputnik Sweetheart
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"I sometimes think that people’s hearts are like deep wells. Nobody knows what’s at the bottom. All you can do is imagine by what comes floating to the surface every once in a while."
Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (Haruki Murakami)
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"Some people say that’s escapism. But that’s fine by me. I live my life, you live yours. It you’re clear about what you want, then you can live any way you please. I don’t give a damn about what people say. They can be reptile food for all I care. That’s how I looked at things when I was your age and I guess that’s how I look at things now. Does that mean I have arrested development? Or have I been right all these years? I’m still waiting on the answer to that one."
Dance, Dance, Dance
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"I do have a couple of talents nobody else has. And as long as I have these talents, no matter what sort of weird world I find myself in, I’ll survive."
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